The Guy in the Jacket

Nathan Bell is worth your time. The past several years I have listened to nobody more than him (and I listen to a *lot* of music)

Rusted 38

Nathan Bell, photo courtesy of The Guy in the Jacket -Nathan Bell, photo courtesy of

Hello friends and welcome to Rusted 38. My name is Heather Tinker. I am a thirty-nine, (or Rusted 38′), year old freelance writer living in upstate New York. I’d like to begin by telling you an extraordinary story about my introduction to the Guy in the Jacket.

Around mid August my husband and I found ourselves outback of our neighbors house, hovered over an outdoor fire and an outdoor bar, just as the majority of our Wednesday evenings had placed us for the past six years or more. As a ritual during these meetings we have a few mid-week cocktails and unwind with our friends, which, by our definition, involves our close compadre’ Sean and his endless search for unique and neglected music. Now, when I say neglected I mean by the mainstream media and the cache’ of all that someone on the fucking planet, who…

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And, We’re Off…

I’m a stubborn man. Go ahead, try to argue that with me.

This blog you now see before you is something I have resisted for a long time. I certainly don’t go out of my way to live outside the mainstream, but blogs, much like tattoos, have in recent years gone from marks of distinction to fairly commonplace. I figured if seemingly everyone was “talking,” how could anyone be “listening?”

Plus, who the heck wants to feel the pressure of having to write something that aspires to some level of worth or meaning…for fun.

Well, I’m taking the advice of a couple of my friends (Michael Sgro for one) and putting myself out there in to the crowded blogosphere. I do have opinions, and some of them I hold very passionately. I suppose I may as well send them off to the “masses” instead of driving my family mad having to listen to them again.

One thing I can assure you is that this blog will never be on a deadline. Another thing I can promise is that it will probably be schizophrenic, covering no particular consistent topic from post to post. I am sure it will have lots of musical content, inspirational moments and people, and other things I love. I’m a dog with a bone when I find something I think is great…so be warned.

I’ve assembled some archival stuff over the past few days. Those are the entries dated prior to this one. Please check them out if they look interesting to you.

I may add other things from the past if the spirit moves me, but this is a forward-looking endeavor for me, by and large. I have a vision for the world, and it is still a long way from here.

So, let’s get started.