How Miley Got Her Name

I originally wrote this last June 23rd. The RailRiders and IL Hall of Fame manager Dave Miley are in town again (though rained out tonight), so I figured I would post it here. Rain threw a monkey wrench in to our hope of saying hi last year. We’ll try again this season.

Miley Andra McClave, June 7, 2008.I’ve never really landed on a quick way to explain how baseball manager Dave Miley “inspired” our daughter Miley’s name. She wasn’t “named after him” in a traditional sense, yet my respect for him certainly played a role in leading us to the name. Because we are taking Miley to see Miley against the Syracuse Chiefs tonight, I figured it would be as good a time as any to explain the connection, for those who care and don’t already know.

I appreciate and respect loyalty and excellence.

As a Cincinnati Reds fan, that means I fully appreciated and respected Dave Miley’s years of service in their system. I thought they’d unfairly passed him over at least once, and maybe twice, before he  finally got the call to the Majors to manage in 2003. I’m a dog with a bone when I find something I respect and like and so I was one of his most vocal supporters back then. When I said hello to him at a Chiefs game earlier in that 2003 season, I even asked him if he wanted a Major League job. That he wasn’t interested was the only reason I could imagine for his not having yet had the chance.

Dave Miley autographI’m sorry it didn’t work out better for him in the long run. As will happen to virtually every manager eventually, Dave was fired by the Reds a couple of years later and has been with the Yankees as their AAA manager ever since. Doing what he does. Winning.

When my wife Jenna got pregnant in 2006, we had a tough time picking a name. We wanted something unique but not weird, paired with a middle name that meant something. At one point, out of ideas and ways to create new ones, we just decided to play free association and started naming things around us…”McDonald’s McClave,” “Toyota McClave…”. It was sort of tongue in cheek.

I jokingly, or so I thought, said “Miley McClave!”

Miley Andra McClave was born on the morning of October 14, 2006.

So, the story goes that while she wasn’t “named after” Dave Miley in the traditional sense, her name was inspired by a loyal and successful man. Paired with the Scottish name “Andra” which means strong and courageous, we feel we picked a name to which we’ll be happy to have her live up. So far, so good.

We’re hoping to say hi to Dave at the railing before the game tonight. While I hate the Yankees, if they give Dave Miley another shot in the Majors, I promise to root for them with all my heart.


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