Make Thanksgiving A Tuesday In July

Heart To Heart TalkHere in the United States, today is the day we give Thanks. We count our blessings, gather our families, and take stock. Happy Thanksgiving, pass the taters.

My wife Jenna and I were chatting the other night about some of the people we know and some of the hardships they’ve faced, or are facing right now. It brought to mind a philosophy I have expressed for quite a few years.

You can eat right, not smoke, and drink in moderation if at all. You can exercise and reduce stress and do everything right. And you can still get sick. Really sick. Deathly sick.

Children from desolate and dangerous backgrounds have grown to be well-adjusted, kind, and productive adults. Children with every advantage have grown up to be murderers, rapists and thieves.

Life carries no guarantees. The very best we do with our behavior is improve our odds. As Mike Ness sings, “life’s a gamble and you might lose.

Too many of us go through our day-to-day lives feeling that we are owed something. That we’ve earned something. That we’re due. All the while missing the chance to appreciate more what we already have. What we’ve already done. Who we already love and who already loves us.

I send you the warmest of Thanksgiving wishes today.

May we all find Thanksgiving every day.